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The April Free Embroidery Stock Design!

As a gift for visiting our page today, SMR software has secured the rights to offer you a free high-quality embroidery stock design created by SMR Designs. We offer a different design each month. This design is yours to use on your own garments, customers garments, and pretty much any way you choose. We only require that you abide by these four rules:

  • Tell us who you are. (By doing so, you'll receive an e-mail message whenever we change the design.)
  • Do not distribute this design in programmatic form (as a disk, tape, or download) to others by any means without acknowledgement that this is an SMR Design.
  • You may not charge any recipient in any way for this design, apart from fees to embroider it on garments.
  • You may not offer this design to others in programmatic form (as a disk or tape) on any website, or as part of a promotion.

In other words, feel free to embroider this design on anything without worrying about telling the recipient where it came from, but don't charge a digitizing fee for creating it - after all, you didn't create it. Also, if you give a copy of the design tape to another embroiderer, tell them that this is an SMR Software © Copyrighted design, and don't charge the fellow embroiderer for it. And don't offer this design to embroiderers on your website.


Spring came REALLY early to most of North America this year, and that got me thinking about warmer weather and the things you might see early this year. Where I live you might see a cardinal in the heat of summer, but never in springtime. This year could be different. This cardinal design was created using the Buzz2Stitches auto-digitizing software. You can use this design by itself or add lettering that you create using the BuzzWord software.

Download your own copy of this great design by filling out the form below.

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Name: cardinal
Height: 2.748 In
Width: 3.744 In
Stitches: 4,493
Color 1Tan
Color 2Tan (eye)
Color 3Red
Color 4Black

To download your own copy of this design, please fill out the form below. Your name, address, and a proper e-mail address are required. When you fill out the form completely, we will send you an e-mail each month when our designs change, to remind you to come pick up another quality design. After you fill the form, click on the download button to register your information, and proceed to the download screen. This design is formatted as a Melco DOS expanded file, and as a Tajima .DST file for ease of transfer.

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