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SMR Lead Retriever Trade Show Lead Retrieval system
The ultimate Trade Show Lead Retrieval system - SMR Lead Retriever has more features, true database functions, and costs just $569.95 with the scanner!

New version 2.5!
For Windows XP/Vista/7/8

If it's Better, Why Does the SMR Lead Retriever Cost so Much less than Competing Units?

At SMR Software, we believe in delivering quality products at a fair price, and the SMR Lead Retriever is just that. While our core business revolves around the computer needs of the screen printing and embroidery industries, we also know trade shows. We built the registration system that runs some of them.

You'll get features with the Lead Retriever that no other company even thought to offer, but is ours better? Maybe. We actually like to think ours is different. Other companies will tell you that their product is idiot-proof. They built their product to cater to the lowest common denominator of the human species, and they only incorporated features that can be understood by a "computer Neanderthal." That might be a genuine concern for some people who are looking to buy a lead retrieval product.

We'd prefer to be known as a product that can be operated by the average person who considers themselves "computer capable" - A person who can operate their email without assistance, and can enter a new contact into a company database. After all, that's the person who is likely to be able to follow up on a trade show lead effectively. If that sounds like you, we want you to have the tools to effectively work a trade show, not just the features that will allow you to collect some data. If you are afraid that you won't know how to turn your computer on at the trade show, or you don't know how to plug in the scanner's USB cable...

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