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The Embroidery & Screen Printing Industry's #1 Pricing - Quoting software!
Pricelist Professional Puts the Power to Make Profits in your hands.

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Save more time and make more money with Pricelist Professional! Have you ever wanted a software program that could keep track of customers, quotations, orders, artwork and pricing in your shop? Pricelist Professional has been doing all of that for over 4000 shops worldwide since 1990! Pricelist Professional runs nearly 20 times as many embroidery and screen printing shops as any other industry-based software product. 

 Has anybody ever walked into your shop and asked for a quote on decorated garments? Of course they have, but how do you currently handle that task? With Pricelist Professional, you can step up to your
computer, and with a click of a mouse, you show your customer a complete price table for that product. Click again, and you present your customer with a printout of that product with it's prices, description, colors, and even a color picture. Just like the catalog sheets from the giant companies.

Sounds good, but what if your customer wants a written quote? Again, a few clicks of the mouse, and you can create a custom quotation for your customer that shows the number of garments he wants, size and color breakdown, personalization requirements, complete printing or embroidery specifications and prices. If your customer agrees, a single click of your mouse converts the quote to an order. 

Have you ever wondered if you are charging the right amount of money for each job? Pricelist Professional contains the world's finest financial forecasting engine. You can tell Pricelist Pro all about your shop, how busy you are and how much money you want to make each year. Using that information, Pricelist Professional can create a pricing system designed to create the profits you want to make.  

Pricelist Professional gives you the tools you need at your fingertips. Besides printing price tables and custom quotations, Pricelist Professional prints ALL the paperwork you need for each job. At the touch of a button, you can print out Art/Digitizing Approval forms, Pick Lists, Work orders, Master checklist, Personalization forms, and job specification sheets for your employees to produce the job. 

How well do you communicate with your customers? Pricelist Pro's new "Post Office" prints letters, phone lists, mailing labels and envelopes to help you stay in touch with customers. Want to save money on postage? Send email instead right from Pricelist Professional! Pricelist Pro sends any kind of communication to any group of customers you specify. 

 Pricelist Professional helps you mind your business too. Pricelist Pro can print out reports showing how well your shop is converting quotes to orders, as well as how well you are meeting your profit goals. Pricelist Professional prints commission reports for your salespeople, Sales Tax collections, Accounts Receivable lists and a Production Schedule.

We're incredibly excited about all the new features in Pricelist Professional version 3! Pricelist Pro V3 is a whole new program from the ground up, with nearly every line of code re-written to be completely network compatible. (Works great as a single-machine application too) That means that you'll be able to locate your company data on your network server, and access it from any computer with a Pricelist Professional license, anywhere in your shop. You'll be able to access orders and quotes from your office or pressroom, front counter or art department.

Because we live in a visual industry, and because computer data storage limits no longer have the same constraints that they had in 1990 when Pricelist Professional's predecessor debuted, Pricelist Pro has changed. (Pricelist was the software's name when it was introduced in 1990) More needed data is generated by the system, and now images are a large part of the system too. Look at the Price table to the right, (Click on it for a full-sized view) It's just one of the new price table formats in version 3. There is no need to just hand your customer a list of prices any more, not with the new Pricelist Pro. Now, using any color printer, you can hand your customer a full-color "catalog sheet" of the garment he or she is contemplating.

Pictures are shown on-screen as well as in reports. Nearly every screen in Pricelist Pro v3 is redesigned with new functionality. For example, the Screen Printing price table screen shown at the left, now displays a picture of the garment if available, description, and a list of colors available. On all screens from which you can choose garments, Pricelist Pro V3 now allows you to select whether you want to view all sizes, youth sizes, adult, or oversize only, making it much easier to find goods in a large products database. This screen also allows you to print directly to your printer, or to a preview screen first.

Of course, the core of Pricelist Professional is the custom quotation / order entry screen, and we're especially proud of the new V3 edition of this screen. Over 6 months of programming went into this screen, and it's new support screens alone. Without sacrificing ease of use, tons of new features that you asked for are now packed into this screen. For starters, art and embroidery design databases have been added. The database allows you to store as much or as little information about each design as you want. The screen printing art database stores color information, mesh count for every screen, flash cure information, tensions and even a picture of the design. The embroidery design database stores thread colors, weights, and stock numbers, as well as backing and topping information and special notes. When a customer re-orders a design, all you need to do is locate the customer's design from his personal database of designs. All the design information is added to the order for you.

The new order-entry screen tracks customer deposits, so now you can use the software to completely track the financial side of every order. A personalization database has been added to! You can store all the personalization information for a job with the order, and print out a list of names, jersey numbers, etc for each job. Each job can contain up to 4 printing locations and their screen data, and up to 2 embroidery locations and the data for each embroidery design used. When it's time to print, you'll have your choice of lots of new formats to print the order form or quotation form, but more important still, you'll be able to print art approval forms, embroidery approval forms, master job checklists, embroidery spec sheets, personalization forms, Pick Lists, strike-off sheets, and a work order form to follow the job through the shop. Email capabilities have been added too, so you can email a quote to your customer right from the Pricelist Pro V3 software.

Enormous additions have been added to Pricelist Pro V.3's communications abilities as well. The "General Letter" screen has been replaced with a full-function "Post Office" that can print any letter in the new "general letters" database, create envelopes, mailing labels, or a customer list of any group of customers you choose. The post office sends regular mail, or can send email messages to one, all, or a group of customers that match a certain criteria.

Pricelist Professional was the first software program made to help small to medium sized screen printing and embroidery shops maintain profitability. It's still the number one software of it's kind, with nearly 20 times as many copies in use worldwide as it's nearest competitor. Pricelist Pro was designed to save you time and ensure that you make money. If you're not using Pricelist Pro in your shop, you're wasting time and losing money. Why not download a copy of Pricelist Professional and try it in your shop for the next 30 days - For Free. You've got nothing to lose, and lots to gain. When you see what Pricelist Pro can do for you, just register the copy you downloaded, there's no need to start over again. Of course, if you already know what Pricelist Pro can do for you, and you want to buy it on CD-ROM, you can order it right here.

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