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Pricelist Professional Puts the Power to Make Profits in your hands.

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Version 3.5
Update your Pricelist Professional software now!

We've been working a long time to create this new version of Pricelist Pro. This new version is completely Win7 security initiative compliant, Imports Excel spreadsheets from all standard versions of Excel, fixes a number of obscure issues that some users experienced, and sports a more stable, redesigned database structure. You do not need to be a registered user to install this update.

Current Version of Pricelist Pro is:   3.5.96

Checking your current version:
You can check which version of Pricelist Pro you are running by doing the following:

  • Start Pricelist Professional

  • Choose "About" from the "Help" menu

  • Your version number appears near the center of the "About" screen, as pictured within the red ellipse to the right.

  • Click the "Exit" button (next to the version number) to continue using Pricelist Professional.

Updating Your Software

  • This new software has a completely redesigned, faster, more dependable database. It requires a complete, new installation but can function alongside your old version for as long as you feel necessary.

  • If you keep your old version on your computer the two systems will not share information.

  • You can start a whole new system, or you can import and convert your existing data.

  • Version 3.0 users can upgrade to this new software at no charge. It will accept your current registration codes. If you import your existing data your existing registration codes for all licenses will be added automatically. (recommended)

  • No learning curve. This new version looks and feels nearly identical to version 3.0. All improvements are "under the hood."

  • Unregistered users: If your 30 day trial has expired, you can only begin a new 30-day trial if you do not import your previous data.

To Update version 3.0 or version 2.XX:

Download the New Software

1. You may wish to print these instructions for later reference. Begin by clicking on the "Download" Button near the bottom of this chart to download the latest version of this software..


2. Your browser is likely to display a "File Download" dialog such as the one at the right. Be certain to click on "Save," Do not click "Open" or "Run."

3. A "Save As" dialog will appear. Make sure you note which folder on your hard drive you save this file inside.

Backup your Data

1. Create a folder on your hard drive or on a USB drive to hold a backup copy of your Pricelist Professional Data. This can be done from the "My Computer" window or the Windows Explorer by opening your hard drive, (Usually C:) then choosing "New" > "Folder" from the "File" menu. Give the new folder a name such as "Pricelist Backup." Do not create this folder within the Pricelist Professional program folder!


2. Start Pricelist Professional as usual. Open the "Utilities" menu, and choose "Data Utilities." From the "Data Utilities" submenu, choose "Backup Data." The "Backup Your Data Files" screen appears. Click on the ellipsis (...) button and locate the folder you created. Click on the "Back Up" button to begin the data backup process.

3. Assuming the backup process completes without incident, you are ready to continue. Go to the Windows explorer and open the backup folder you created. Verify that a new group of files (about 60 files) has been created in the folder. If the files have not been created, do not continue. Try the backup process again and ensure that you specify the correct folder.

4. Assuming you have pictures stored with your data, you will want to manually backup your picture files. To do so, Locate and open your Pricelist Professional data folder. This folder is usually called: C:\Program Files\Pricelist Professional v3 if you did not set the software up as a networked installation. If this is a networked installation, you would have created the data folder when you first ran the software. Select the folders: "DataPics", "Screen_Art", and "Embroidery_Art," and copy these folders with their contents to the backup folder.

Windows 7 users: The Windows 7 security initiative forbids the placement of data files in the 'Program files" folder. The above folders might not exist or they might not actually hold your pictures. Your real files probably reside in a hidden file

Uninstall the Old Version of Pricelist Pro
(May be done afterward when upgrading to v3.5)
1. If you are still running Pricelist Professional v3, exit the program. Make certain you have a backup of your data and pictures before continuing.


2. From the Windows Control Panel, open the "Add or Remove Programs" tool. Locate Pricelist Professional in the list of programs. Click the "Remove" button and follow the instructions.

Install the New Version of Pricelist Pro
1. Double Click on the file you download from this page. Follow the instructions to setup the new version of Pricelist Professional.

proicon.bmp (630 bytes)

2. Run the new version of Pricelist Professional. The setup wizard will appear. Make sure you setup the correct program type: Embroidery, Screen Printing, or combined. If you plan to run a networked installation, locate your network data folder. (NOT a Pricelist Pro v3.0 data folder) Click "Continue" to advance to the second screen of the setup wizard.

3. When the Setup Wizard asks if you wish to import your old data into the new program, click "Yes." Below that, click on the ellipsis (...) button and locate the file "SMR3.DBC" in your backup folder. Select this file and Click the "OK" button in the "File Locate" dialog.

Click "Finish." Pricelist Pro informs you as to the success of your setup and must be restarted.

4. If you manually created a backup of your picture files, AND you imported your data in the last step, copy the folders: "DataPics", "Screen_Art", and "Embroidery_Art," from your backup folder to the new Pricelist Pro data folder. Pricelist Pro is now ready to run.


5. Important: If your computer has a firewall software running, your firewall will likely warn you that Pricelist Professional is attempting the access the internet the first time you run the new software. If you do not instruct your firewall to grant internet access, Pricelist Pro will take additional time to startup each time you use it, will be unable to check for updates, and will be unable to send email to your customers. Please instruct your firewall software not to block Pricelist Pro from internet access. Pricelist Pro does not send us any information about you except when you register the software.

Click this button to download the new software now.