Easy, yet powerful Design Editing
Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 Compatible!
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Need more control over your embroidery designs, but you aren't willing to invest thousands of dollars in a digitizing system? Well, BuzzEdit may be exactly the low-cost tool you are looking for! With BuzzEdit, you can make minor changes to existing designs, add stitches, or combine portions of one embroidered design to another! With BuzzEdit you can easily change the color of any part of an embroidered design, even if it's just a   few stitches within a large colorblock. You can move design elements, copy, duplicate and resize with ease.

BuzzEdit makes it easy for you to:

  • Select Stitch Blocks: Using Our Powerful Lasso Tool or the patent-pending Stitches-in-Time display.
    Edit Colors: Add, Sort, View, Change, Remove.
  • Edit Stitches: Add, Move, Delete, Change Type, Reverse Order.
  • Edit Stitch Blocks: Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete to Merge or Divide Designs. Center, Rotate, Flip, Flip, Resize and Stretch at any Angle. (no stitch recalculation)
  • Analyze and Improve the sewing of your designs. It is easy to locate jump stitches and route them under other design areas. See how your design sews using built in Sew Simulator.
  • You can split oversized designs for use in smaller hoops or combine multi-part designs to stitch out in a larger frame.
  • Lay Out Huge Designs for Multi-Hoops, Giant Hoop-it-All™, or Custom Multi-Hoops.
  • Print Multi-Hoop Templates for easy design placement.
  • Supports most home embroidery file formats.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, to give you a picture of what it would be like having BuzzEdit in your selection of embroidery tools, Here is a small demonstration of what you can do with BuzzEdit. In less than 3 minutes, I managed to give this island design a complete makeover. In the Right-hand panel, you will see the original design as it was when I opened it. In the left-hand panel, I have begun by selecting the "Lasso Tool" and sweeping my mouse pointer around the leaves of the palm tree to select them so I can work with them. I have to tell you, as a professional digitizer with 15 years experience - this software made it easy! S_buzz1.jpg (30727 bytes)
Next, I have selected the Rotation tool, so I can rotate the palms on the lonely tree of this island to an angle that is more of my liking. I don't know about you, but I have always found that some element of almost any design is just not at the correct angle. BuzzEdit made the rotation in real time, and let me watch as I rotated the palms to exactly the perfect angle. Some professional digitizing software packages can't do that!

Have you ever wanted to make a design consisting of many of the same element - like a butterfly - with each one at a different angle. With BuzzEdit, it's easy to create that kind of design.

buzzedit2a.jpg (11190 bytes)
Now I have my palms on the tree looking just the way I want them. However, part of the green stitches in this design were actually hidden under the trunk of the tree. A good digitizer will normally perform his color changes as close to the center of the design as possible, preferably where they will be completely burried later. That is exactly what the creator of this design did. Rotating the palms made a few of those stitches visible to the left side of the trunk, so I took the lasso tool and with a few seconds work, put the leading stitches back under the trunk where they belong. buzedit3a.jpg (11759 bytes)
Now that the tree is exactly what I want, I am going to take my lasso tool once more, and select the entire palm tree. It was easy - I just clicked on the tool, and ran my mouse pointer around the tree. That is one way to do it, I also discovered the nifty "Stitch Timeline" window (those little color-bars at the bottom of the screen in the first picture) at the bottom of the screen. It allowed me to select the entirety of the two color groups at once, with no possibility of error.

I was really impressed. I did all this within 15 minutes of the time I installed the program. I skimmed a few lines of the on-line manual, and just started to play. OK, You might not be a veteran professional digitizer like I am. I had an advantage. I still bet you could learn enough about BuzzEdit to do this much in under an hour.

Buzzedit4a.jpg (12720 bytes)
With the palm tree selected, I clicked on the "copy" button, then clicked on the "Paste" button. I grabbed the tree with my mouse pointer, and found I was moving a second copy of the tree itself to a new location. Much better. That tree looked so lonely. I could have re-sized the new tree within 20% of it's original size too without a second thought, giving an illusion of depth. (BuzzEdit cannot change the number of stitches in the object when re-sizing, hence you should not go much more than 20%. Resizing and creating new stitches requires what professional digitizers call a "Condensed" file. The home embroidery market is only beginning to create such files for your use.) buzzedit5a.jpg (12534 bytes)
With BuzzEdit, I took a design I had, and created the design I wanted in a matter of minutes. This is only the most rudimentary example of the great things you can do with BuzzEdit. I could have easily rearranged some stitches in the water, to make the seas look rougher. I could have made one tree face the opposite direction  using the Flip Tool. I could have stretched to entire design to make it wider. If I had a sunbather design, I  could have placed a sunbather on the beach! There is a lot you can do with BuzzEdit!

If you have a collection of designs, you can effectively double the number of designs available to yourself, just by using BuzzEdit to trade elements of different designs among each other to create new designs.BuzzEdit won't do the kind of things I can do with my favorite $10,000 - $25,000 professional digitizing software, but at $189.95, I'd say it packs a significant punch, and does it all on a budget!

Scott M. Ritter

buzzedit5a.jpg (12534 bytes)
System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
CD-Rom drive
4 MB disk space
16MB RAM (24 or more recommended)
256 or more display colors
VGA (600 x 480) or better resolution
Formats Supported: .PEC -Read Only
.PES - v1Read/Write, v2 Read only

Price: $170.99

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