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These days, many individuals on the internet are very concerned about their privacy on the internet. And if you are using the internet, you should be. The internet is all about information, right? Well, every time you fill out a form or give any information out on the internet, that information has value, and could be sold by unscrupulous individuals. At SMR Software, we place a high value on the information you give to us. Your information will never be sold to other companies. Period. End of list.

Beyond that, here are some other things you should know about what we do with your information:

Why we want your phone number: We do not want to call you up and solicit our products. In fact, the only time a representative from SMR Software will call you is if we have something we really have to discuss with you, such as answering a question you have posed to us, or if we have a problem with your order. The biggest reason we ask for your phone number is this: People change e-mail addresses frequently. When our computer processes a form on our site, it checks to see if either your e-mail address or phone number are already in the system. If so, it updates your record. If not, it creates a new record for a new client. It is this check that (hopefully) keeps our computer from sending you multiple messages.

What do we do with your e-mail address: Yes, we do want to send you e-mail. But more importantly, we want you to want us to send you e-mail. We try to limit the e-mail we send to one message per month, per customer. The message of our monthly mailing is simple: Come to our site and pick up another free embroidery stock design or clip art design. We hope that the message will give you incentive to look around our site once a month, and familiarize yourself with the products we offer. If you do that while visiting, thats great. If not, well thanks for visiting anyway. On rare occasions, we will send out other messages. The last time we broke our "once-a-month" rule, it was because the "love Bug" virus had just broken out. Many of our friends were infected by the bug, and we compiled a complete information site about the bug, it's potential, and remedies at our site. The mailing we sent directed interested parties to our report page.

Why we want your address: If we have your e-mail address, why do we want your mailing address as well? The answer is quite simple. If we have your e-mail address, we don't want to duplicate our marketing efforts by sending mail to you too. When we send mail, we usually have the computers check our web database for matching addresses, and filter out folks who are already receiving e-mail from us. After all, our web site has information long before we can create a mailing. Also, knowing where you live is very important for us because if we are going to be in your area, we want to notify you so you can see us if you so choose.

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